Debut single

Turgut is working like crazy to launch the brand new song “Chemicals“. The team is looking forward to finally launching the song on april 22. 2016, the event will be marked by a huge party in Oslo. If you can’t attend the realease-party, you can listen to the song for the first time, on the same date, here on, or on Turguts Spotifyside.

Don’t forget april 22. 2016, it’s going down!

Turgut describes the song as a lovesong about falling for someone, but also the fear of rejection. We think there’s gonna be a lot of people who recognize themselves in the song, and we hope you’re readu for great beats and an incredible atmosphere.

The coverphoto is designed by Trine Marie Skråmestø and Cecilie Johnsen. It illustrates the chemical rwaction that occurs when to people find themselves attracted to one another .

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